Independent media reviews of Mobile Meditator®

The Reluctant Ashtangi

""All in all? I love it. It meets my needs both as a travel zafu and for everyday use. I wholeheartedly recommend it!"

Buddha Torrents

"I recently had a trip into the back country and took my new Mobile Meditator with me.
Extremely light and amazingly comfortable, so comfortable I now prefer it to my Buckwheat filled Zafu. It also makes a great pillow if your using it when camping. The price at $24.95 is extremely reasonable. . .
All in all this is a great product especially if it gets people mediating more."

Breath Magazine

Press Releases

Inflatable Meditation Cushion and Travel Pillow Keeps the Body and Mind at Ease

BrightSpot Solutions® announces the launch of its next remarkable product, Mobile Meditator, the first ever fully adjustable, inflatable meditation cushion and travel pillow.  Great for daily use, its unique design allows for comfort and saves space making it the perfect travel companion.
Boulder, CO (PRWEB) July 1, 2009— BrightSpot Solutions®, LLC, an invention and product development company, announces the release of the Mobile Meditator inflatable meditation cushion and travel pillow. With its three-chamber design, this pillow can be inflated and adjusted for all shapes and sizes, and then folds up for easy, lightweight travel.   
With airlines introducing new and increasing fees for luggage, people are now traveling lighter and leaving more items at home. The compact Mobile Meditator occupies minimal space in a suitcase or carryon baggage and saves valuable space on camping and backpacking trips.
Whether on the go, or looking for everyday comfort at home, office, or in the car, Mobile Meditator allows the sitter to be relaxed, balanced, and with perfect posture. The crescent-shape design assists the body in maintaining a forward slant, taking the pressure off the knees, back, and ankles. For traveling, the pillow quickly deflates and fits into a small 9” x 9” x 2” pouch, weighing under 13 ounces. 
Mobile Meditator was invented by Scott Salzman, president of BrightSpot Solutions®. As a daily meditator and avid whitewater rafting and back country guide, Mr. Salzman recognized the need for a portable meditation cushion and travel pillow.
“When traveling for work and to retreats, I needed a meditation cushion to carry with me that didn’t take up a lot of space or weigh down my gear.” Mr. Salzman said. He solved both problems by creating a meditation cushion that was comfortable, light weight, and easily compactable. 

Mobile Meditator is perfect for daily use. Because of the adjustable three-chamber design, users of the inflatable meditation cushion often adopt the Mobile Meditator as their regular everyday pillow, putting their traditional cushion into retirement.

About BrightSpot Solutions®, LLC:
BrightSpot Solutions® was founded by Scott Salzman in 2003 as an outlet for invention. BrightSpot is determined to create an entity of unparalleled functionality and professionalism seeking to provide both consumers and professionals with the absolute highest quality and functionality amongst its products. Our commodities promote healthy environments for humans and animals alike.